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Photo Gallery

Some older photos of the boys.  Newer photos found on photo page 2

Coyote took all the toys out so he could sleep in the toy box

The pack before Coyote arrived

Coyote - too cute for his fur!

Coyote and King- best buds

Hunter's favorite toy- Where's the car?

How can you say no to this face?

King and Buster swim after a long hike

Hunter at 5 mo. proudly displaying one of his ribbons

Buster brings back half the yard with his frisbee - everytime!

King does his hush puppy impression

Hunter rips this tree out for no reason

I'm SO tired - Quit taking picture of me!

Where's the water?

Hunter offers the kitty a peace offering

Watch the tail! Little guy back here

SO cute!

Wild man SLEEPS!

Hunter shows off his DSA bandanna

Coyote about to make a catch


Mess? What mess? I didn't do this, Coyote did!

King waits for dad to return

If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dogs!

Ready for a hike

Too bad he can't relax

Coyote taking a donation- click photo to see a larger version

Bear enjoys the dog walk

Coyote puts money in bucket

Bear snuggles right in!

HOW did he get that through the dog door?!

Group photo